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As a strong proponent of municipal government transparency, during the Covid-19 pandemic the Town of Rosetown has been posting videos of Regular Council Meetings on its website for the general public to view. Consulting and hearing from the members of the public are important aspects of those meetings. As such, all Regular Council Meetings allow for a “Public Forum” which permits any members of the public to speak about any municipal matters, provided that they comply with Bylaw No. 856-21.

The matters raised during the Public Forum are not generally censored by Council and nor are they necessarily endorsed by Council. While Council encourages all members of the public who wish to speak about municipal matters to raise those matters during the Public Forum, Council also encourages that members of the public refrain making unfounded allegations regarding members of Council, Administration or Town Staff in that context. Should a member of the public wish to raise issues or concerns with respect to members of Council, Administration or Town Staff, we strongly encourage that those matters be raised in the appropriate forums to ensure that Council Meetings remain respectful and productive.


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