Rosetown citizens enjoy the many advantages of living in our lively and safe community.

About Rosetown

Rosetown is a place to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Our citizens have access to a variety of health care services right in our community, including a hospital, two medical clinics, emergency services, long-term care, chiropractor, dentist, massage therapy, vision care and more. We also have high-quality athletic facilities, including our AGT Foods Centre indoor hockey arena, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and walking trail. Whether it’s relaxing in the park, taking up a sport or joining a club or committee, we have many resources that support an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Residents can take advantage of our robust education system, with schooling available from preschool through to high school and even some post-secondary and trades education from Great Plains College, Rosetown campus. Our Rosetown Centennial Library, part of the Wheatland Regional Library system, is open six days a week.

Another benefit to Rosetown is the affordability of housing, rent and utility services, compared to city-living. Our emergency Services (including an RCMP detachment and volunteer Fire Fighters) work around the clock to maintain our safe community. Rosetown even has a local newspaper (the Rosetown Eagle) and radio station (CJYM 1330 AM) to keep citizens informed.

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Rosetown’s vibrant business community of 200+ businesses mean that residents can find a variety of quality goods and services locally. Our diversified economy includes agriculture, manufacturing, health care, education, retail, hospitality services, and more.

With annual events like the beloved Harvest Family Festival, charity barbeques and plenty of other community events, Rosetown citizens can feel like part of our growing community.

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