Oil & Gas / Manufacturing

Oil & Gas

The West Central region has the greatest potential for future production in the Oil and Gas industry with an estimated 25 billion barrels of heavy oil in place and 9.58 billion cubic meters of gas production in 2006.* Kindersley is the major community associated with oil and gas but development has started to spread into the areas of Herschel and Elrose.

66% Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is also the third largest natural gas producer in Canada with approximately $300 million in gas field investment in 2006.*

*Source: Saskatchewan Industry and Resources


Manufacturing is a growing industry in West Central Saskatchewan. Manufacturing in the Rosetown region has an agriculture focus; Darmani North America produces grain hopper bin floors and Rosetown Flighting Supply produce augers. In 2006, Saskatchewan has $10.3 billion in manufacturing shipments and exported 78% of what was manufactured and continues to grow.*

*Source: Saskatchewan Industry and Resources