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Town Office

  1. Citizen Request for Services Form

    Use this form to request or report the following: repair of street or potholes, sidewalk condition, street or gutter drainage problems... More…

  2. Complaint Form
  3. Elks Hall Request a Booking

    To book the Elk's Hall

  4. Request a Tree

    Use this form to request a Patmore Ash tree to be planted along the boulevard in front of your home.

  5. Utility Email Consent Form

    The Town of Rosetown offers residents the convenience of receiving specific municipal notices as email attachments, rather than regular... More…

  1. Civic Centre Booking Request Form

    To book rooms at the Civic Centre

  2. Contact Us

    Questions? Comments? Complaints? We're here to help. Your inquiry will be sent to us via email, so please do not include any sensitive... More…

  3. Emergency Response Volunteer Form

    Use this form to sign up to volunteer in the event of a local emergency. By providing your information, the Rosetown & District EMO... More…

  4. Submit an Event

    Do you have an event you would like to appear on our website? Submit the form below with details about your community event. Please... More…