Rosetown Central High School

Built in 1988, Rosetown Central High School promotes respect, leadership, and responsibility through quality education. The school is home to the "Ogle Bell". Mrs. Mary Ogle brought the Ogle Bell to Rosetown in 1912 from Thetford, Quebec. It hung in St. Joseph's Convent from 1953 until 1970 when the convent was sold to the Rosetown Public School Division. The Bell now hangs in the belfry salvaged and incorporated into a memorial by the main entrance of Rosetown Central High School. The story of the Ogle Bell or St. Joseph's Convent written by Marcel Dubois can be found in Rosetown Reflections: The People and History of Rosetown and District.

Image of Rosetown Central High School

School Details

There are over 330 students in this grade 7 to grade 12 high school with 40 teaching and support staff. A variety of courses are taught to reach all areas of intrigue and prepare students for possible careers in the future. These courses include home economics, entrepreneurship, woodworking, and agriculture.

Other Activities

Rosetown Central High School also provides extra curricular activities to develop social skills as well as further student's abilities outside of academics. Some of the activities include football, drama club, band, volleyball, and basketball.

More Information

To learn more about Rosetown Central High School and all the programs they offer, visit the school website or contact them at 306-882-2655.