Rosetown Health Foundation

The Rosetown Health Foundation was formed in 1990 by the Rosetown Health Centre Board. It consists of a 12 member volunteer Board of Directors. These members are made up of district representatives appointed by the towns and rural municipalities, along with members-at-large. The Foundation was established with the commitment to "upkeep and develop health care facilities and equipment in Rosetown to meet future lifestyle needs." Rosetown and the surrounding communities contribute tremendously to helping the Health Foundation achieve their vision and reach their goals.

Ribbon Cutting at Rosetown Villa


Since 1990 residents, businesses and community groups have contributed $2.5 million towards capital and equipment projects recommended by the Health Foundation, including the construction of a mechanical building for the hospital and lodge, a new hospital roof and various equipment/furniture for health facilities.


The Health Foundation's latest project is leading a major fundraising campaign to renew all health care facilities in Rosetown in order to establish Rosetown as a full-service healthcare centre with modernized facilities to accommodate tomorrow's lifestyles. For more information on the Health Foundation or their latest projects contact Hugh Lees.