Pet License


Every owner of a dog or cat within the Town is required to register their dog or cat with the Town Office. At the time of registering, owners shall provide the Town Office with the following information, as per the Animal Control Bylaw No. 778-18:

  • a physical description of the animal; 
  • the breed or type of the animal; 
  • a rabies certificate valid for the registration year; 
  • the sex, if applicable, a certificate showing the animal has been spayed or neutered;
  • other relevant information such as a tattoo, microchip, unique markings, or medical conditions of the animal;
  • the name, address and telephone number of the owner of the animal.

Registration and fees

The registration year for dogs and cats shall be from the first day of January to the thirty-first day of December of the same year.

Upon registering at the Town Office, owners will receive a pet tag which must be renewed annually. The owner of a cat or dog shall ensure that the cat or dog wears a collar to which is attached a valid license tag whenever the cat or dog is off the premises of the owner.

Micro-Chipped Neutered Dog or Cat$15
Micro-Chipped Dog or Cat (Intact/Not Neutered)$25
Neutered Dog Dog$25
Dog (Intact/Not Neutered)$40
Neutered Cat$15
Cat (Intact/Not Neutered)$25
Replacement Tag$5

Failure to register

There are financial penalties to failing to register your pet. Be a good pet owner and get your pet registered at the Town Office.

Lost pet?

The Town Office will make every attempt to contact the registered owner immediately, should they have impounded a pet in their possession. To report a lost or stray pet, contact the Town Office.

If you no longer have your pet, please notify the Town Office.

Prohibited Animals

For a full list of prohibited animals, please see Animal Control Bylaw No. 778-18, Schedule D.