Landfill and Transfer Station

Changes to the Rosetown Landfill and Development of Transfer Station

Until further notice, the Town of Rosetown Landfill will not accept building demolitions or shingles. This will ensure that we can maintain ample space to dispose of household waste in our present cell, which is reaching capacity. 

In January 2018, The Town of Rosetown announced that it will open a waste transfer station at the present site of the Rosetown landfill. The Town will develop, operate and manage the transfer station, which will replace the landfill as Rosetown's solution for waste disposal.

Initially slated to open on March 1, development of a waste transfer station was delayed, pending the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment’s approval of the Town’s design and permit to operate. Approval was granted in June, and work has begun on building the necessary infrastructure for the waste transfer station, including moving dirt, the installation of berms, a scale, and relocation of the operator booth.

For more information on the project, please read our January 2018 news release, and subscribe to our latest news.


The Landfill is open only to residents of the Town of Rosetown, Town of Zealandia and R.M. of St. Andrews.


The Rosetown landfill is accessible from Highway 4, approximately 2 kilometers south of the intersection of Highways 4 and 7, turn east at the landfill sign.


It is opened Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 to 5:30 p.m., closed on statutory holidays.

Read the landfill fees and other relevant information (PDF).

Photo of the waste transfer station under construction
Photo of clean wood pile at landfill

Dumping Charges

Size of Vehicle
Fee Without Sides
Fee With Sides
1/2 Ton Truck
$20 $40
Single Axle Trailer $20 $40
Tandem Axle Trailer $30 $60
1 Ton Truck
$40 $80
2 Ton  Truck
$50 $100
3 Ton Truck
$70 $140
Tandem Truck
$120 $240
End- Dump / Semi Truck
$600 $1,200
Tires Not Accepted
Tree Trimmings
No Charge
Clean Wood
No Charge
Clean Dirt
No Charge
  • Anyone entering the landfill must pay these fees or will be refused dumping privileges.
  • Roll-off Bins will be measured and fee determined based on size, using existing fees.